Continued Suspended Operations

Updated: Thu, Sep 3, 2020 3:12AM

To our Attics to Basements Community

Closed due to Coronavirus We continue to evaluate the challenge created by COVID-19 as we carefully weigh the practical needs of our employees, clients, and customers with their safety and security. The country is also facing a set of social challenges that have been here all along, but recently risen to the surface. As a nation we are overdue in addressing these issues.

I think we all have felt a range of emotions over the past week. My feelings have toggled between (i) sadness at lives lost, businesses ruined and families/communities permanently impacted, (ii) exasperation at the continued mistreatment of minorities (will it really ever end?), and (iii) anger at apparent fringe groups who usurp peaceful demonstrations to promote their own aims of damage, robbery and mayhem. None of these emotions are compatible with the inherent respect for human dignity of all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, orientation or ethnicity that I think is baked into the DNA of all of us in the Attics to Basements community. I hope that you and your families are bearing up under these unusual times. I try to keep in mind that, although none of us individually can change the world, each of us has the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by how we lead our own lives, and proactively stand up for the rights of others when we encounter discrimination.

A quick update on our business. These times are unprecedented: the combination of the global pandemic, economic collapse, and ongoing national protests have created an environment which requires a high degree of caution. We will resume operations once we are confident that we can safely, consistently and successfully conduct estate sales week in and week out. We are not there yet. Fortunately, our employees are receiving benefits which allow them to endure these times, and provides us with the latitude to wait until the conditions can be met.

We miss seeing you all each week. We look forward to returning to work, and the fun, excitement and camaraderie that accompanies our weekly estate sales. In the meantime, we hope you remain safe with your family, friends and pets.


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