Super Sale

This sale is so big, it's gonna take four days to sell everything.

There will be 14K and  18K Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Costume Jewelry; Antique and Vintage Coins, U.S. Coins, Foreign Tokens, Commemorative State Tokens (Subways, Milk, etc.), Wooden Nickels, Collectable Bills; Military Insignia, Aviation Wings Collection (Bombardier, Glider, Pilot, Gunner, etc.), Military Badges, Award Badges, Pins for Foreign Military, USSR Pins, WW2 Items; Hundreds of Political Buttons, Vintage Buttons (Beatles); Hundreds of Knives, Case, Buck, Old Timers, Swiss Army, Horn Handled, Hand Carved, Mother of Pearl, and more.

This Estate Sale has Concluded

Thanks for your interest in Estate Sales hosted by Attics to Basements. This estate sale has ended and all items have been sold or donated. You may view the items that were offered at this sale, but please understand that after the sale is over items are no longer available.

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