Beautiful Antiques!

In East Dallas we are conducting a de-cluttering sale, but our merchandise is anything but “clutter”!  Our client has collected unique, beautiful antiques for years and we have the wonderful opportunity to help her create more space in her home.  We have extravagance (St. Louis Gold Thistle glasses), religious (authentic votive candle stand), comfortable (English oak chair with barrel seat), gorgeous (a repurposed inlaid sewing table), playful (backyard trampoline) and lots in between.  Shannon is on point…she and the rest of the team can’t wait to show off these items to you!

This Estate Sale has Concluded

Thanks for your interest in Estate Sales hosted by Attics to Basements. This estate sale has ended and all items have been sold or donated. You may view the items that were offered at this sale, but please understand that after the sale is over items are no longer available.

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