What is the Attics to Basements Difference?

Over the past twenty-two years, Attics to Basements has built a proprietary business model designed to provide terrific outcomes for our clients. We continually improve and refine this model to emphasize the critical components of any estate sale.


The Attics to Basements DifferenceWe pride ourselves on being rock solid at the fundamentals of estate sales and have proven expertise in execution.

Staging Prowess

To maximize the value of your estate it is important to create an environment that appeals to shoppers. We pull items out of cabinets, drawers, attics, storage units, and so on and attractively display them in a clean, organized manner. We provide our own tables, clothing racks, and jewelry cases to transform your home into a retail-style setting in which products are beautifully merchandised. The house transformation is often dramatic and can result in "Wow!" reactions from our clients. It is hard work and gratifying. And, yes, our team gets dusty and dirty and sweats a lot!

Product Knowledge

Our talented team of employees represent a diverse collection of knowledge and experience in all major product categories including jewelry, antiques, art, collectibles, fashion, furniture, electronics, tools, and more. We utilize reliable outside resources to gather knowledge for rare or particularly unique items. Our staff can achieve a thorough understanding of the items in your house and is able to present and describe them to shoppers in order to maximize their salability and value.

Pricing Methodology

The Attics to Basements DifferenceWe assign prices to merchandise based on data-driven analysis combined with deep experience. Our pricing methodology takes into account the nature of each item, its quality, scarcity, condition, and other relevant factors. We welcome your input in determining prices and we seek to have clear, transparent discussions with you so that we are both comfortable with the pricing of the items in your sale.

Selling Organization and Talent

Our sales open on-time, are well-organized, and are staffed with team members who are not order-takers but instead proactive and supportive sales consultants to shoppers. We strive to create a professional and trusted environment for shoppers so that they are comfortable with their purchases. We utilize Square's point-of-sale system, accept major credit cards, collect sales tax, take orders over the phone, and wrap and box fragile purchases.

Process Speed

Our company has been described as a team of ants in that we are energetic and operate with a productive intensity that is part of the culture of the organization. That culture goes back to our founder 20 years ago and continues today. We are typically able to stage and price a home in 1-2 days and the sale itself is typically 3 days. That means that less than a week passes between the day our team first enters your home and the day we present you with a check at the conclusion of the sale.


The Attics to Basements DifferenceThe key to the success of each sale is the ability to drive foot-traffic to the location. We utilize an aggressive, multi-channel marketing plan for each estate sale.


We send a weekly email to over 8,000 shoppers who have asked to receive information on our upcoming sales. The email includes a description of each sale and an accompanying link to hundreds of pictures of the items at the sale.

Our picture-taking is extensive and displays both broad pictures depicting the overall set-up of each home as well as close-ups of specific merchandise at each sale. Pictures provide a detailed walk through of the items at each sale and allow shoppers to know exactly what to expect when they arrive.

Subscribers join our email list by signing up either at a sale or on our website—they represent a loyal base of estate sale shoppers who frequent our sales.

Web Sites

We post each sale on relevant industry websites with detailed descriptions and photographs of the items at the sale. Each industry website emails their list of subscribers with information on our estate sales. The detailed product descriptions posted on industry sites are critical because many shoppers use internet crawlers to be notified of coveted items that are for sale. We often hit the radar screen of non-local buyers who are interested in particular items at our sales.

Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more important to promote our client's sales to shoppers, particularly to millennials and those who rely on it for most of their information. We utilize social media to highlight specific items at each sale. Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, Pinterest, and Twitter all target distinct demographics and drive traffic to the sale.


The Attics to Basements DifferenceWe don't forget about traditional grass roots marketing! Directional signs placed at strategic locations in our client's neighborhood attract surrounding residents and neighbors to the sale.


We typically operate multiple estate sales each week. At each sale, we post a sign with the addresses of our other concurrently running sales. Shoppers often have such a good experience at one sale that they want to attend our other sales—and this sign helps them do that.

Additional Services

The needs of our clients vary widely. And, we provide a suite of services designed to meet their specific needs.

Charity Pick-Up

The estate sale process can be a trying, emotional time, and we are able to take tasks off our client's plate to ease the headache. We partner with local charities to arrange and execute donation pick-ups to remove items that are unsold after the sale.


We coordinate trash dumpsters and/or trash haulers when appropriate. We strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind that they have a clear path to an empty house while maximizing the dollars in their pocket.


Our deep talent and resources allow us to accept a wide range of clients, from large homes in affluent areas to more modest houses in working class neighborhoods. From sales booked three months out to emergency situations needed next week. Our talented people, systems and marketing are equally effective in creating superior outcomes in all scenarios. And our commitment to providing world-class estate sale services and working to exceed your expectations applies in every environment.


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