Without a Doubt

Without a Doubt

If you are moving and want to sell stuff you no longer need, without a doubt Attics to Basements is the estate sale company to call.

The team sent to stage my house was incredible. They were all business sorting and pricing the items I was selling. And, they were very knowledgeable about what each items is worth and how to price it. When they were done, my house looked like a really cool antiques boutique. I almost wanted to stop the sale because my house looked so awesome.

The sale ran for three days and incredibly they sold just about everything. The money was more than double what I expected to receive from the sale! After the sale, they came by to help with the donation of remaining items (there were very few) to charity.

What a great experience all the way around. You can't go wrong choosing Attics to Basements for your estate sale.

Jonathan C.

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