Who Needs Goals for their Estate Sale?

Estate Sale GoalsAre you thinking of having an estate sale? If so, have you considered what your goals are for the sale?

The goals one might have for an estate sale can be singular; empty the house of all this stuff so I can get it on the market; or, as is more often the case, multiple; sell the stuff, help me de-clutter, and make some money.

Having a good grip on the priority of your goals helps an estate sale company (like Attics to Basements) meet your expectations. If you want to be happy with the estate sale, write the goals down on paper and assign each of them a priority—one, two, three.

We work to exceed client expectations, but it is difficult (maybe impossible) to guess the real objectives of each property owner. The ones who share their goals and priorities with us from the beginning are the ones who are more satisfied with the outcome of the sale.

Empty the House

If emptying the house is your goal, your estate sale company should use every strategy they can to accomplish that. If that means pricing items to move quickly or scheduling a charity donation and pick-up at the end of the sale they should be there to help.

De-Clutter What You Can

If de-cluttering is your goal, it is not always imperative that everything is sold. You may have price expectations that you want to achieve on specific items…i.e., only sell Grandma’s antique chest if someone offers to pay $X or more. Providing clear direction on price requirements for specific items allows your estate sale company to ensure they don’t sell items with high sentimental value at an unsatisfactory price.

Generate Money from the Sale

Generate MoneyEstate sales are very effective at liquidating a large volume of items quickly over a few days. They are a terrific way to generate cash from items that you have had the pleasure of using for years and sometimes decades.

If converting your collection of household items into cash over a few days is your goal, there is no better way than an estate sale to do so. But, in order to accomplish this, items are priced reasonably and then discounted regularly over the course of the sale.

Keep in mind that no one shopping an estate sale expects to pay retail prices. Instead they come looking for value. Estate sales do a terrific job of maximizing proceeds given that all items are sold over a brief period of time.

If generating the maximum amount of money for each item is your goal, removing the short time period is important. Consignment shops, Craig’s List, eBay, and other sales channels provide for buyers to discover items in time. It may take 6 months to sell the item, and you still may not get the price you want, but you give yourself the opportunity to achieve your asking price over a much longer period of time.


Your estate sale company will work hard to achieve and surpass your expectations, but it is imperative to lay those out so that the goals are clear. They would welcome (and should initiate) the conversation with you to ensure they understand your priorities, and it helps if you have given thought to those in advance.


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