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Each week in the United States, nearly 700,000 shoppers visit estate sales, yard sales, and garage sales, looking for items for their homes, for gifts, or even for resale. Those shoppers spend a whopping $4.22 million on average each and every week. If you have unused furniture, clothing, toys, baby items, household goods, sports equipment, electronics, tools, or just about any other item cluttering up your garage, basement or attic, you could be making your own piece of that profitable pie.

Who's buying all those items? Well, there are always the collectors, the eBay resellers, and the cash-lean populace looking for bargains. But today, many of the people who visit estate sales are millennials — and it is not because they are lacking for cash. In fact, plenty of millennials who make good salaries hit up estate sales, partly for the fun and adventure of the hunt, and partly because research shows millennials are much more money-savvy than the generations before them. In fact, a recent study from TD Bank found that, compared with their parents and grandparents, millennials are:

That is almost like a prescription for estate sale buying. And that means you can expect a healthy profit from your own sale when it includes items millennials are looking for — like household goods, kitchen items, tools and toys. In fact, according to the Texas Comptroller's Office, millennials are now the largest generation in the state, with more buying power than other generations, and that means it is worthwhile to make sure your sale includes items they are interested in buying; including plenty of goods that can help them set up their first home, start a new business, pursue a hobby, or welcome a new baby.

Of course, in addition to being more budget-focused than their parents, millennials also tend to lead busy lives. That means you also want to make sure your sale is well-organized and optimized for sales. Ideally, you need to have all your items priced, displayed well, and, of course, cleaned, grouping related items together to increase impulse buys. A well-organized sale is a lot easier to browse, especially if you are a millennial shopping on your lunch break, after work, or with a child in tow.

So, how do you accomplish all this estate sale magic to appeal to as many buyers as possible? Attics to Basements has the answer: it is hard work combined with years and years of estate sale experience and know-how. From start to finish, the Attics to Basements team knows how to prepare your items, price them fairly, and set them up to have the broadest appeal to the most buyers. Plus, they manage the sale professionally for a better overall shopping experience — for the buyers and for you.

If you are thinking about holding a yard sale to cash in on some of those $4.22 million in profits, opt for the simpler, hassle-free solution: Call Attics to Basements at +1 (469) 396-4696 and let us help you get started.


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