Getting Ready for an Estate Sale

Getting Ready for an Estate SaleIf you’ve never had an estate sale before, you may be wondering what you need to do beforehand to help your sale be as successful as possible. The truth is, at Attics to Basements, we do most of the work so you can relax. But, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to help the process move more quickly.

Six Tips for a Smooth Estate Sale

  1. First, you’ll want to identify any items you do NOT wish to have sold. Ideally, you should place these items in a separate area of the house that can be closed off and secured from buyers or, better yet, box them up and put them in storage.
  2. If you have any items you believe may be valuable, set them aside and we can arrange to have them appraised. We can also use our own expertise to identify items that may have significant value and arrange to have them appraised as well.
  3. Although, it is not necessary, it is a good idea to hang around while we organize and price items. Not only will you be available to answer item-related questions that could help us get a better price, but you can also provide “back stories” for some items that can help establish a provenance (a fancy word for the history of an item that can add to its overall value).
  4. Tips for a Smooth Estate SaleForget about cleaning up before we get there. At Attics to Basements, we know moving can be a busy time. We try to help you by organizing the space and getting rid of items that cannot be sold. If you are holding your sale right before you move, you can go ahead and get rid of food, medicines, and other personal products and consumables.
  5. Make sure to remove any paperwork — especially documents with your personal information — from books, file cabinets, bureaus, and other furniture or containers you are planning to sell. Our team will go over everything and dispose of papers left behind or set them aside for you. But, it always helps to have a second set of eyes.
  6. If you still live in your home, it is a good idea to make other plans on the day of the sale. Seeing personal items sold can be emotional for some people and there may be some temptation to haggle with buyers. Besides, you hired us to handle the sale, so it’s time for you to relax!

But Wait, There's More

More Tips for a Smooth Estate SaleOne more tip: Before any sale, you will receive a contract from Attics to Basements that spells out all the specifics — from the supplies we provide and how we conduct the organization to pricing and selling to how we collect our commission from the sale proceeds. Be sure to review the contract carefully and ask us any questions right away. We have plenty of experience in the estate sale industry, and we are always ready to help our clients by providing them with the most complete information so they can feel confident in our services every step of the way.

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Attics to Basements makes the estate sale process simple. If you are planning to move or you just want to pare back your possessions, we can help. Call us today at +1 (469) 396-4696 to find out more.


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