Spring Cleaning with an Estate Sale?

How to Turn Clutter into Cash

How to Turn Clutter into CashSpring has arrived and for many people that means it is time for spring cleaning — that annual ritual that rids the home of dust and cobwebs so summer living can truly be easy. Even for those not inclined to take part in the spring cleaning tradition, spring is often the time when homeowners and renters pare down their possessions so their homes are more organized and less cluttered.

Even organized homes can stand some paring down when it comes to possessions. A survey published in the Los Angeles Times found the average American home contains about 300,000 items. All that clutter contributes to a lot of mental distress according to another study that showed that living in a cluttered home can be a major cause of chronic stress and even debilitating depression.

Make the Decision to De-Clutter with an Estate SaleOnce you have made the decision to de-clutter and divest your life of all that “stuff” you need to decide the best way to get rid of it. It’s easy enough to dispose of trash and recyclables, but what about items that retain some value or are otherwise collectible? Garage sales are one solution, but for many people, the hassle of gathering items, grouping them together, and pricing them can be overwhelming. Likewise, spending an entire day waiting for customers to arrive and then haggling with total strangers over the price of your items isn’t exactly a fun way to spend a day off.

Fortunately, an estate sales is an alternative solution that can help turn your belongings into cash, but without the hassles and frustrations that generally occur with garage sales and yard sales. In an estate sale, a skilled team of professionals prices your items and arranges them for sale and will deal with customers, leaving you free to spend your time as you like.

Not familiar with the estate sale process?

Here’s what you can expect with an estate sale organized by Attics to Basements Estate Sales:

As a bonded company, you can feel secure and confident in your sale. Payment for our services comes out of your proceeds and keeps everything as simple as possible. It is truly the hassle-free alternative to garage and yard sales.

To learn more about Attics to Basements and the services we provide, call us today at +1 (469) 396-4696 and let us help you get started.


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