Our Process

Attics to Basements uses a proven process to deliver best-in-class results for our clients. We were one of the early providers of dedicated estate sale services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we have learned a lot over our twenty years of experience. It is rare for us to encounter a situation we have not seen before: torrential rain storms, power outages, excessive hoarding…you name it…we have probably dealt with it! You will get the benefit of our experienced advice in dealing with issues as they arise and a team that executes with the confidence of having seen it before.

The foundation of our work is a candid and active dialogue with our clients. We want to know your goals and concerns and show you what to expect from us and from shoppers. By forming this open relationship we minimize surprises and collaborate when issues arise to find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our process is broken down into several steps we go through with every client.

Initial Meeting

Initial MeetingOur estate sale process always begins with a risk-free initial meeting and walk-through of the house. In most cases, our clients have never conducted an estate sale before. The initial meeting gives us the opportunity to describe how the whole estate sale process works.


ContractWhen the client is ready to proceed, we enter into an estate sale contract where we agree in writing on the goals, activities, and responsibilities of each party. We use the information collected to create a planning document for the sale.

Detailed Inspection

Detailed InspectionAfter the estate sale is under contract, we perform a second walk-through of the house with the client. It is during this meeting that we perform a more detailed inspection of each room and item of note.


Staging the ItemsPrior to the sale, typically on Monday and Tuesday of the week of the sale, our staging team descends on our client’s house to stage, price, and photograph the merchandise in the house. This intensive process begins with converting the house from a residence to retail-style store.


Estate Sale MarketingWe actively market and advertise each estate sale through several channels including targeted email lists, our website, other industry websites, social media, and signage.


Running the Estate SaleThe estate sale usually runs three days; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; starting promptly at 9:00AM each day.

Each sale is staffed with experienced employees who provide sale management, customer service, and security.

Post Sale

Once an estate sale is complete, there are usually a few things remaining to accomplish.

We don't want you to feel as if you are on your own. We are here to help in any way we can.

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