Staging the ItemsPrior to the sale, typically on Monday and Tuesday of the week of the sale, our staging team descends on our client’s house to stage, price, and photograph the merchandise in the house. This intensive process begins with converting the house from a residence to retail-style store.

Our team empties out cabinets, drawers, attics, and so on. We unpack and sort items, then gather like-products together and display them on tables, clothing racks, jewelry trays, and countertops.

We individually hand-price most of the items in the house. Pricing is based upon our experience, our internal pricing database, and online resources such as eBay and Worthpoint.

We set up an office area which serves as the checkout counter. Our ability to convert a client's home into a boutique-like store is remarkable and often creates a "wow" factor for our clients.


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