Estate Sale LiquidationWhen it comes to an estate sale, everyone wants the items in their estate to be gone.

Of course the first goal is to sell the items at the best prices possible, and Attics to Basements works tirelessly to find new homes for the items, large and small, in your house. However, in every estate sale, there are a small portion of items that just don't sell. What happens to those?

Attics to Basements works with several charities that accept donations of the remaining items. After the estate sale, a member of our staff returns to the property to greet and assist the charity of your choice in removing those remaining items. The charities provide a donation receipt that can be used for tax filings.

In some cases, there are items that even charities will not accept. Once again, Attics to Basements can help by arranging a trash hauling service to gather and remove those items to a recycle center or other disposal facility.

Attics to Basements provides clients with a smooth, headache-free path to an empty house.

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