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Estate Sale Experienced ProfessionalsEstate sales are hard work and require a unique skill set. Effective professionals must have a blend of product knowledge, merchandising talent, sales skills and, sometimes overlooked, an appreciation of the sentimental attachments clients often have to their household merchandise.

In addition, the professional must be comfortable climbing in hot attics, opening boxes that have not seen light for years (sometimes decades), navigating dusty environments, and much more.

And most importantly, they must be honest, trustworthy, team-oriented and genuinely dedicated to placing clients interests ahead of their own.

These are not traits picked up quickly, but instead require intentional training and front-line experience to build. Accordingly, estate sales are best conducted by experienced full-time professionals contracted by the family or their executors. Specialized knowledge & experience are key.

Attics to Basements has over 20 years of experience in conducting whole-house estate sales. We have developed training processes and systems to enable our team members to climb the learning curve and bring their knowledge and experience to each sale. Each sale is lead by a manager with significant, relevant experience and supported by a full team of proven professionals. In an industry where the only assets are people, Attics to Basements takes pride in employing only those who can meet our exacting criteria.

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