Nothing is Too Big or Too Small

Nothing is Too Big or Too SmallAttics to Basements has the experience and staff to manage estate sales of almost any size.

From small homes to warehouses of furniture and art, we are here to help you plan and operate your estate sale.

There is a large amount of work involved in every estate sale—even the small ones. We work on commission, so it's possible that some very small estate sales simply cannot benefit from our services. For those that can, we have the staff necessary to curate, price, and stage the largest of properties.

We sell cars, fine jewelry, high-end art, collectables, furniture, fences and gates...the list goes on and on, and includes almost every household item. There is very little we have not sold in our 20 year history! Our staff knows how to research and price each item appropriately, as well as market to the demographic groups most likely to appreciate and value it.

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