Assisted living

Estate Sales happen for many reasons often associated with the loss of a loved one. Although this of course we handle. This is not the reason for most estate sales. Dallas is a popular destination. With the housing market continuing to boom. It has been the best time for clients relocating to assisted living to have the financial means to do so.

We assist families and realtors when they need a home cleared. We take on that delicate task. Taking this step in life can be a difficult decision. Leaving a home and that familiarity. Wondering what to do now. Downsizing into a smaller space. Choosing what to take and deciding what to do with what is left

Most find the sales overwhelming as emotions run high often our clients choose to not be directly involved. In that common situation we keep you updated daily.


With the loss of a loved one sometimes you are left with decisions you did not anticipate having to make. You have a seemingly endless task of sorting through the life long collection that they left behind. This is something everyone faces at some point. During this time alot of decisions are being made. Family members, friends, struggle with letting go. Although difficult to process. It is relieving to move forward. That is what we do. We treat each sale with the respect and dignity your loved one deserves without the attachment.

Our Process