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Forget Black Friday

Make Estate Sales Part of Your Holiday Shopping Tradition

For millions of shoppers, Black Friday marks the kick-off for this season's holiday shopping, with shoppers of all ages sprinting from one store to the next to score bargains on gifts for friends and family members. And unless you’re a diehard shopper, you’re probably not looking forward to ridiculously long lines, overcrowded parking lots, or the pushing, shoving, and downright rudeness of your fellow shoppers.

The Hunt is On

The Hunt is on for Unique TreasuresFew things are as exciting as seeking out treasures in unexpected places and few places are more chock full of treasures and unique wares than a local estate sale. Of course, everyone dreams of making that “big score” at an estate sale or yard sale – buying that unassuming painting that turns out to be an original creation by a famous artist or snapping up a “copy” of the Declaration of Independence that turns out to be an original.

Enjoy More Family Fun This Summer...

...Without Breaking the Bank

Summertime evokes lots of images – relaxing in the backyard, enjoying an impromptu picnic or barbecue, maybe heading to the beach or camping – and most of those images involve family and loved ones. For kids, the summer months are met with great anticipation and excitement – after all, two or three months without school is, for most kids, a major reason for celebration.

Help Your Child Succeed in School

Creating a Unique Study Space on a Budget

Back-to-school season may be a welcome event for parents, but for a lot of kids, it's not such a joyous occasion. You can make the transition a little easier by creating a great study space for your kids that promotes good study habits while also making homework a lot more tolerable.

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