Forget Black Friday

Make Estate Sales Part of Your Holiday Shopping Tradition

Forget Black FridayFor millions of shoppers, Black Friday marks the kick-off for this season's holiday shopping, with shoppers of all ages sprinting from one store to the next to score bargains on gifts for friends and family members. And unless you are a diehard shopper, you probably are not looking forward to ridiculously long lines, overcrowded parking lots, or the pushing, shoving, and downright rudeness of your fellow shoppers.

Then, there is the ridiculously early start time you need to adhere to if you hope to get any of the best deals. Plus, no matter how great your score is, there's a good chance the gifts you are buying are fairly predictable. In short, Black Friday can help you save some money, but you pay a big price in terms of convenience and hassle.

So how can you avoid all those headaches while still getting great deals on really one-of-a-kind, unique and personal gifts? By hitting up some local estate sales.

Attics to Basements estate sales offer lots of advantages over Black Friday shopping.

  1. They start at normal times — there's no need to line up hours in advance to get great deals.
  2. You can count on a much more relaxed shopping experience, with a friendly sales staff ready to help if you need it.
  3. And perhaps most importantly, estate sales are sources of one-of-a-kind gifts you just cannot find at any mall, online retailer or “brick-and-mortar” store, which means your gifts are sure to surprise and delight any lucky recipient. It is a much more personal, more thoughtful way to give.

Forget Black FridayOf course, estate sales can also be good places to find...

And remember, buying gifts from an estate sale is the environmentally-friendly way to shop, which means you can really feel good about the items you buy.

One more great benefit of doing at least some of your holiday shopping at an estate sale: it is family-friendly. Because you are not spending your day rushing around from one place to another, you can afford to spend a little extra time enjoying a pre-sale breakfast or stopping for a holiday lunch afterward. Involve your kids, your mom, your sister-in-law – even your spouse. Make it part of your family’s holiday tradition, and make your holidays more unique, special, and memorable.


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