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Sell Your Stuff at an Estate SaleHow an Estate Sale Works

Just about anyone can use a little extra cash, especially with the weather warming up and so many things to do in and around Dallas. You could potentially make some extra green by working overtime.

But, if you want that cash available for more time enjoying the Texas sunshine, that is kind-of counterproductive. Better options are: 1) Have an estate sale, or 2) Save money at an estate sale.

Estate Sales are Not What You Think

Despite their name, estate sales are not just for people with big, costly homes or for families liquidating the possessions of a relative who has passed. As a shopper, you can think of an estate sale like a really well-organized, fun-to-shop yard sale or garage sale, with plenty of bargains and treasures and without the piles and boxes of worthless junk typically found at most yard sales.

Estate sales usually run two or three days, so shoppers have plenty of time to stop by and browse. And because the sale items are collected and curated ahead of time, you have a much better chance of finding something you just cannot live without—and, with a much lower chance of leaving disappointed.

As a seller, an estate sale is the way to turn those unneeded possessions into cash without the hassle of cleaning, organizing, pricing, advertising, setting up, and hosting a sale. You don't even have to clean up afterwards. All you have to do is call Attics to Basements and let us handle it all.

What to Expect from an Estate Sale

When you call Attics to Basements, we get to work right away helping you gather your items and arrange for appraisals of any really valuable items. Every item is cleaned up so it looks its best.

We use our experience as a leading Dallas-area estate sale company to price each item so you feel confident you're getting the best value.

Next, we display items using our own tables. We even have display cases for smaller items. We arrange the sale area to attract buyers and motivate sales. And, we arrange for advertising so your sale gets plenty of attention.

Finally, on the day of the sale, we provide the sales staff so you can go about your own day. We even bring our own boxes, bags, and paper, and we clean up afterward. Our employees are bonded, so you can feel comfortable knowing your sale is in good, trustworthy hands.

Sound good? Then call Attics to Basements today at +1 (469) 396-4696 and get ready to hear that piggy bank squeal.


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