The Hunt is On

The Hunt is on for Unique TreasuresFew things are as exciting as seeking out treasures in unexpected places and few places are more chock full of treasures and unique wares than a local estate sale. Of course, everyone dreams of making that big score at an estate sale or yard sale – buying that unassuming painting that turns out to be an original creation by a famous artist or snapping up a copy of the Declaration of Independence that turns out to be an original.

Those kinds of rare finds are just that – rare – but that does not mean you cannot find your own gems at an estate sale or find just the right items to reflect your own unique sense of style. In fact, most estate sales are full of treasures that can help you make your home or work space more personalized and one-of-a-kind or fuel a hobby that can bring in some extra cash.

Unlike retail establishments where shelves are lined with mass-produced items you could find in anyone’s home estate sales offer truly unique and one-of-a-kind items that can be used just as they are or "made over" with your own finishing touches. Adding even a few unique items to your home avoids the boredom and monotony that come from buying your home straight from the retailer’s shelves. It also eliminates the feelings of “decorating deja vu” that comes from visiting homes with the same types of furnishings and accessories that you see everywhere else.

Just about any sale – even those with a primary focus on more costly antiques – yields a treasure trove of inexpensive and budget-friendly items that can get your creative juices flowing. What if you are not the creative type? No problem – cruise sites like Pinterest or search for trash to treasure, estate sale makeover, or similar terms on Google. Even seemingly mundane items like mason jars, an old handkerchief collection, wooden boxes, costume jewelry, and even old hardware hold a world of possibilities for remaking and refurbishing. Whether you come up with your own ideas or take a cue from online web sites, you will have the feeling of having accomplished something that’s much more satisfying than simply ordering a ready-made piece from a traditional retail establishment.

To get the most from your estate sale adventure, go with an open mind. You may think you know what you’re looking for but once you arrive at the sale you may find items that suit your purposes better or that inspire you to go in an entirely new direction. Bring small bills and change to make transactions simpler and boxes to cart your stuff around in. Be sure to arrive early, and remember – the thrill of the hunt is a big part of the estate sale experience. So, most of all, have fun!


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