How Can I Tell if an Item is Sold?

When looking at the Attics to Basements web site, I would like to find out which items are sold.

Do you mark items sold on the web site or is there some place I can look?

There are three different pages where you will see images of the merchandise available at each sale.

  1. The Sale Page displays a rotating image carousel of a few of the images along with a miniature image gallery.
  2. An Image Gallery Page displays square thumbnails of all merchandise that is available.
  3. A Merchandise Item Page displays a rotating image carouse of all photos of an item along with a description, price, and contact details.

On each of these pages, items that are sold are marked with a transparent sold stamp as shown above.

Once an item sells, it could take up to one hour before it is marked sold on the web site. If you have any questions, phone or text the sale manager or the contact listed on the item page.


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